The Single Source Difference

We care about cannabis and its journey all the way to you. That's why we are committed to maintaining control over our entire process from cultivation, extraction and QA testing philosophies, to sales and marketing efforts. Our crew of passionate cannabis enthusiasts dedicate everyday to ensure we grow, extract and sell clean, sustainable cannabis products.

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Grass Valley

Sustainable, delicious, outdoor grown cannabis. Responsible stewardship of our land, combined with KNF techniques, yield cannabis flowers that are a delight to smoke.

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Landrace Farms

Cannabis, grown with our KNF techniques in an ideal greenhouse environment, yields premium terpene-rich flower, hand-trimmed with care for your enjoyment. Taste the terroir of our little slice of the Okanogan Valley with every puff.

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Landrace Labs

Craft CO2 cannabis extracts. Experience our strain specific raw CO2 "HTFSE" cartridges. Feel the true force of our curated flower strains, in a convenient and easy to consume format. 

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Sauce Boss

Don't force yourself to choose between flavor and potency. With the Sauce Boss line of extracts, you get the best of both worlds. We take our top quality cannabis extracted terpenes and marry them with our high potency distillate to create a flavor and experience second to none.

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