SFE-CO2 meets the toughest process standards and delivers results, including higher yields.

Our products are created with advanced technology, scientific accuracy, and a focus on the highest quality. We take pride in using the safest and cleanest methods possible to create our concentrates, the cornerstone of vertical integration in the cannabis industry. Landrace Labs strives to maintain respect and honesty, setting an example for our peers in the industry. We seek to advance science, change market perceptions, and improve the quality of life for customers through innovation and high-quality products.

SFE-CO2 is the cleanest, most stable and efficient extraction method.


Versatile and Clean


Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE-CO2)  offers versatility when pinpointing the components to extract from a material, and almost no residual solvent remains in the end product as the CO2 evaporates.


Purity in Extraction


SFE-CO2 is the method of choice for extracting flavors and aromas. This method is gaining momentum in the high-growth sector of plant substances used in nutraceuticals and food supplements. In these industries, the requirements for purity are exceptionally high, and conventional methods are not up to the challenge.

Efficient and Stable


Today's CLS (Closed Loop System) extractors recover gases more efficiently and add stability to the process. Supercritical extraction begins with a cylinder of CO2 or other gas.ᅠThe gas in liquid state is fedᅠ into a pump which sends it through a pressure vessel. The vessel is packed with the cannabis material intended for extraction. The extract-saturated gas then de-pressurizes into a separator vessel. The de-pressurization causes the extract to fall out and the gas to exit the vessel. CO2 is typically vented off and the extract is recovered.


ᅠThere are no residuals, no additives, and no hydrocarbons in Landrace Labs oil. Our extracts are raw, pure, and clean. The cleanliness and flavor of our CO2 extracts are superior to traditional BHO products in the dab market.



Christopher Taylor


Christopher Taylor, COO at Landrace Labs, began his career in the aerospace industry in 2008. He started out as a fuel cell mechanic, moved to electrician and into R&D as a technician for developing projects. He took that experience with him to the medical marijuana industry at Green Lion Farms for two years.


Combining his technical expertise, talent for innovation and experience at Green Lion Farms, he's poised to lead Landrace Labs to the forefront of high-quality recreational marijuana.


JanaLe Taylor


JanaLe is CAO at Landrace Labs and has been in the administration of operations for over seven years. She has experience in human resources, managing employees and creating new systems for the day to day management of small companies from restaurants to gyms and bookkeeping for a family-owned plumbing company.


She also has two years experience in running the office and human resources for Green Lion Farms. She is proud and excited to use her knowledge and skills to make Landrace Labs, an amazing company in this new kind of cannabis industry.

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