Cultivar Selection

Here at Landrace Brands, we strive to bring a diverse cast of strains to offer a wide spectrum of flavors, effects, and experiences. We select our strains for their diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and for their ability to thrive in our unique growing environment. With all of the changing rhetoric around Indica/Sativa/Hybrid classifications, we prefer to categorize our strains by their effects.


Stimulating and uplifting the senses, offering an active high for endless adventures, day or night!

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold

Landrace Cultivar

Our most nostalgic cultivar and a timeless rendition, Acapulco Gold offers earthy, spicy, and herbal aromas with an invigorating experience, reminiscent of the good old days.


Cinderella 99 x Vortex

A native cultivar of British Columbia, perfectly suited to thrive in the rich terroir of the Okanogan Valley. Our Cinex grows thick, dense buds carrying aromas of creamy cheese with a tangy citrus twist.



Unique Durban Poison Phenotype

Full of fun and excitement, our Grapefruit cultivar displays large photo worthy colas, packing fresh, tangy and uplifting aromas. Notorious for causing excessive giggling, daydreaming and good vibes!


Mind expanding and body relaxing makes these cultivars a perfect pair for artistic pursuits, playing games with friends, or enjoying some nice quarantine days at home.

Strawberry Creme

Strawberry Creme

Strawberry Cough x Dog Shit

Sweet meets savory in our Strawberry Creme cultivar. Her frosty dense buds ripen with sweet berry notes and a musky finish. The open and inviting effects are suitable for a wide range of creative activities.

Where's My Bike?

Amnesia Haze x Biker Kush

Our pride and joy, the award winning Where's My Bike cultivar presents bright citrus aromas, bolstered with sharp, gassy notes. The long spear shaped buds contain a unique cannabinoid profile highlighted by substantial levels of CBG, making the experience truly one of a kind!

Where's My Bike_


Offering a heavier experience, these cultivars are designed to ease stress, quiet the mind and calm the body.

Black DOG

Black D.O.G.

Blackberry Diesel x OG Kush

Beautiful and vibrant, our Black D.O.G. cultivar offers gorgeous buds filled with pink and purple streaks and boasts ripe huckleberry flavors.

Dutch Treat #5

Northern Lights x Haze (unconfirmed)

A true Northwest classic, our Dutch Treat grows tall with clusters of dense, round buds and smells of an old growth pine forest. Our specific cut delivers a heavy, stony rush behind the eyes and settles in throughout the rest of your body, giving you total peace of mind.

Royal Kush

Royal Kush

Skunk #1 x Afghani

Justly named, our Royal Kush grows massive fan leaves crowned with gigantic velvety colas and an earthy, floral bouquet that dominates the senses. Easily drift away experiencing the royal treatment.


Dominant in Cannabidiol (CBD), these cultivars offer a less psychoactive experience for those seeking a more therapeutic experience.



High CBD Cannatonic Phenotype

An original high CBD cultivar boasting 20:1 CBD:THC ratios, our ACDC exhibits a potpourri of fruity and herbal aromas. A wonderful choice for those not seeking to experience strong psychoactive effects yet find comfort to decompress from the rigors of daily life.