A low-dose cannabis vaporizer pen for everything in between.

The Quill is a low-dose vaporizer pen filled with pure CO2 marijuana extract. Ours is made from naturally grown plants and absolutely no propylene glycol. Each puff contains a low dose of 2mg THC, letting you take in as much or as little as you want. Sometimes, one puff is enough. Pass the Quill.

What's the Quill?

Its a low-dose cannabis vaporizer pen for moments in between: times between friends, and situations where you want just a light hit.


What do you mean by "low-dose"?

A typical puff on the Quill delivers about 2mg THC. Most people start to feel truly "stoned" in the 5–10mg range, so the Quill's granular dosage gives the user total control of their experience. Smoke as much or as little as you want.


So if it's a low-dose pen, how is the Quill "mightier"?

The Quill is Mightier™ because we have intentionally refined every aspect of the user's experience. Low dosage makes the Quill approachable to the cannabis curious and utilitarian to connoisseurs. It’s just one of the ways we empower the user.


What are some other ways?

The Quill’s housing is made primarily of sleek, medical-grade stainless steel. The advantages are more than aesthetic: steel is recyclable, and since it’s not made of plastic, no BPAs or other contaminants will leach into the cannabis extract.


And how is that extract made?

To then achieve a relatively low dosage, this extract is blended down with grapefruit essential oil. The Quill contains no propylene glycol, so users will not experience dry throat or excessive coughing.


What is the art that’s revealed when opening the Quill’s packaging?

It’s an exclusive watercolor by Monica Ramos, a Philippines-born artist now living in Brooklyn. We call it the Cloud Crowd. You can find more of her work at Moving forward, the Quill team is interested in exploring novel ways to support cultural and philanthropic causes.


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